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Back from HanadokiCon!

Mar.21.15 12:00 am

This isn't a 'real' update so there's no page attached to this, but I just wanted to give everyone a little news on where I've been.  I just got back from HanadokiCon and had a great time delivering my panel on how to start your own webcomic.  I think it went over really well, but if you were there and have more questions, my email is  

I hurt my hand shortly before the panels so I barely got any drawing done in the past week but in the meantime, I've reordered EMpathY and the Trying Human Artbook Volume 2.  They should be here within the week and up in the store.  I'll have more on that soon.

I'm also considering changing my layout here on the front page a little.  I'd like it to be little less crowded and I think the only way I can do that is by making the site a little wider but I'm scared to fiddle with it too much since folks seem pretty comfortable with this width.  I'll play around with it and try not to break everything :X


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