Trying Human is a full color graphic novel that follows New York City secretary, Rose, as she learns she's being abducted by a group of aliens, the Greys, a race without emotions or sentiment. She catches the interest of Hue, an empathetic Grey, and his funny friend, Quazky, a Reptoid alien from a neighboring mothership. Using a device, the trying human circuit, the two friends infiltrate Rose's life and the human world.

A second storyline that begins every chapter, encompasses the lives of Phillis, Walter, and Dr. Glasner, all of whom are stationed at the Nellis Testing Range in 1947. Followed by a menagerie of aliens, the mysterious MAJESTIC12, and one defunct German scientist, the two girls try to figure it all out with over half a century between them.

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My name is Emy Bitner and I live with my husband, two kitties, a dog and a snake in California, USA. I love animation and sequential art and when I'm not drawing, I'm studying UFO's and alien abductions. Trying Humanis the culmination of all the research I've done, manifesting itself as a fictional drama about an abductee falling in love with her captor. I'd like to do something with it someday other than posting it online but for now, I'm content with this.

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What's your update schedule?
Right now I'm updating about 1 or 2 pages a week schedule allowing. I'm working on redoing the first volume of TH for print! :D Please follow the Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter for updates on that.

When did you start this comic?
I started publishing Trying Human online on June 1, 2008.

Can my kids read this comic?
This comic is aimed for young adults as it contains strong language, minor nudity, and adult situations. If you would like some good comics for kids please visit Kidjutsu.

I found a typo/ coding error/ other problem in the comic or on the website.
Feel free to email me at and let me know what the problem is.

How do you make your comic?
I write the script and reread it a billion times until I think the dialog sounds natural. Then I use a cheapo sketchbook and a pen to rough out all the pages. From there I digitally create the comic pages in Photoshop.

Why are some of the newer pages sepia toned?
At the beginning of every chapter there's a flashback to the late 1940's that encompasses EBE1's relationship with Phillis 'Philena' Lennox. When I began this comic, I didn't know how to illustrate a flashback without blatantly saying it. I came up with the sepia toning idea well into Chapter Three so the earlier chapters didn't have quite the same treatment.

Your art is really different in the beginning.
Tell me about it! I'm redrawing the first four chapters for the first published volume. You can measure my progress with the meter on the homepage! This comic is my training wheels into the webcomic world so I'm still learning.

Why are you redoing the pages?
There's a number of reasons such as the original pages are not formatted correctly. Almost all of the first volume pages are smaller than 9 x 13.5", less than 300DPI, missing margins/text/etc. Another reason is that they just don't pop as much as the newer pages and I've noticed that a lot of readers forget important plot information in those chapters. I'm hoping that this will help keep the pages memorable. X3 I'm also finding myself improving tenfold by redoing old work. I'm seeing mistakes I've made and by fixing them I won't be making them again. If you've never redone any of your old work, give it a try.

How many do you plan to redo?
As of now, I'm redoing all 139 pages in Volume One (Chapters 1 through 4) but I'm utilizing a lot of the original backgrounds and page layouts so it's going pretty quickly. As I put books out I'm going to be touching up old backgrounds and inking but I probably won't be doing the complete overhaul that I'm doing now.

How long will this take?
I'm not sure as of yet. Every now and then I need to take breaks from the old pages to work on commissions or other TH projects but I'm hoping by the end of this year I'll have the first volume out for purchase.

Are you going to stop updating/update less/update with revamp pages?
I will not be updating with new pages (though I'll let you know when I re-upload them in the archives) and I will continue to update with four new pages every week.

I miss the old pages! Bring them back!
After the first volume is out, I'm going to make a special archive with all the old pages and some commentary on them. ;3 The old pages won't be gone forever.

So why aliens?
I'm not sure... I've always been really interested in the topic of alien abduction and UFOs. I do believe it's a very real phenomenon even if it's just psychological. Make of it what you will.

Have you ever seen or read X-Files/Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Visitors of the Night/etc.?
Yes but nothing has been as inspirational for this story as the works of real witnesses and abductees.

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