Preorder the reprint of the first Trying Human Artbook!

Posted 04:27
Wed 20 Febuary
by admin_ebe1

I’m super excited to announce that preorders are now open for the reprint of the first Trying Human Artbook! Each book is full color, 60 pages, and comes signed in metallic permanent ink.

If you’re a newer fan, you probably haven’t seen much of this art dating from early 2009 to late 2010. Get your hands on a copy to help fuel the first volume of the comic! :D

Depending on the amount of orders we get, I’d like to get a shipment ordered by February 27th, a week from today. If we get more than expected, I’ll order sooner and you’ll get it sooner. Also, this is the first time this book has been printed by my new printer and it’s super gawjus~ >u< Please follow the link below!

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