Posted Mar.14.13 at 03:19 am
Sorry I haven’t updated TH yet! There are only 2 more pages in this scene with Don and Longus and I want to post them together. In the meantime, redid of one of my all-time favorite TH drawings and it's available as a new print! You can either view it by clicking on the 'Storenvy' badge to the right or by following this link:    Also, the reprints of the first TH artbook have come in and we'll start shipping them this Saturday! :D
Posted Feb.20.13 at 06:27 am
I’m super excited to announce that preorders are now open for the reprint of the first Trying Human Artbook! Each book is full color, 60 pages, and comes signed in metallic permanent ink.     If you’re a newer fan, you probably haven’t seen much of this art dating from early 2009 to late 2010. Get your hands on a copy to help fuel the first volume of the comic! :D    Depending on the amount of orders we get, I’d like to get a shipment ordered by February 27th, a week from today. If we get more than expected, I’ll order sooner and you’ll get it sooner. Also, this is the first time this book has been printed by my new printer and it’s super gawjus~ >u< Please follow the link below!
Posted Feb.04.13 at 07:05 pm
HAY GUYS! :D Sorry it's been forever, but here's the next page. I've been so busy with commissioned work recently (gots to pay those bills), but in the interim, my Youtube channel qualified for a partnership! That just means my channel is more 'official' now. You should check it out: It's just me drawing, but if you dig that sort of thing you might like it. <3    I also redid an old TH drawing of Rose and Phillis, which you can check out below:
Posted Jan.18.13 at 12:24 pm
Thanks for all the nice notes and letters. :D I'm feeling a lot better. So! Page 611 is up, there's a new piece of art for sale in my store (it's Don and Longus smooching <3), and I've added a button for the latest piece of art related to TH. Right now I'm just linking to my Tumblr until I think of a better way to host the images.
Posted Jan.15.13 at 04:42 pm
So the last few days I hadn’t been feeling very well and today I woke up with excruciating stomach pains. I thought I might have appendicitis so I went to the ER and was diagnosed with an infection in my abdomen. They’ve put me on antibiotics but I’m going to be out for the count for a day or so. I just wanted to let everyone know what was up since I haven’t updated TH, posted busts, or done any other commissioned work in the last few days.    I’m sorry; forgive me! ;A;
Posted Dec.26.12 at 05:38 am
Totally brings a new meaning to the title, 'Trying Human'. I should mention that the Draconians in TH are more responsible for eating humans; they only eat human males as they see it as a more even playing field.
Posted Dec.18.12 at 03:38 am
Redid the cover for Chapter 3 for publication and you can access with the link to the right! I also added a link for my main comic site down below ( if yins are interested in any of my other comic work. <3
Posted Dec.10.12 at 06:54 pm
You can see it here: It’s so sparkly and pretty I MIGHT JUST MAKE A PRINT OUT OF IT. <3
Posted Nov.20.12 at 09:51 pm
You're in trouble!!! :D
Posted Nov.18.12 at 04:43 pm
This isn't a super duper real update but just a general one. A GENERAL MERRAINE UPDATE, IF YOU WILL. :D Redid page 80 here:
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