May.06.12 at 11:11 pm
Hopefully this will be where the new TH site goes! Mauris sit amet viverra neque. Donec vestibulum, nunc ac sodales molestie, orci lectus viverra eros, a lobortis tellus ante a eros. Curabitur tempor, magna id ultrices hendrerit, est lectus consectetur ipsum, sed tristique nisi ipsum at nunc. Aliquam laoreet, dui vel porttitor vestibulum, erat tellus lobortis purus, rhoncus imperdiet turpis sem eget elit. Phasellus erat augue, dapibus eu commodo quis, rhoncus ac lorem. Praesent feugiat neque sed dolor hendrerit eu tempor ante viverra. Etiam ut mauris eget diam convallis viverra a eget turpis. Pellentesque quis dui sit amet diam aliquam tristique sit amet a nunc. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Aenean facilisis urna et nibh bibendum semper. Nam sapien erat, venenatis id ullamcorper non, commodo at sapien. Nullam feugiat elit a ante dapibus id ultrices nisl lobortis. Vivamus quis aliquam diam.
Dec.13.01 at 03:45 pm

Things might look a little different around here.  The folks over at Hiveworks have set me up with a shiny new site.  I'm still getting used to it but shouldn't take me too long... Until then, some things may be a little wonky while I figure out how to change them.

Dec.13.01 at 03:45 pm
We've had so many ants over the past two weeks!  I guess this is really typical of Southern California in late summer but jeeez.  Oddly enough, they've been congregating in our master bathroom on the second floor where there's nothing to eat but poison traps we've put out for them.  Mwahaha...
In other news, I've decided I'm going to be switching to Justin.TV for streaming the Trying Human pages.  I like the different overlays and availability to use different streaming programs.  Overall, just more freedom and simplicity.  They're also the sister site to Twitch.TV and I've done a lot of art for the folks over there so it only seems natural to make the switch.  My new stream link is:
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