Jan.05.16 at 09:56 am

First page of the new year! Happy 2016!

Happy New Year

I actually have really interesting news.  Over the break I finished writing the final book of TH.  I know that's not really relevant at this point but it was floating in the creative ether for a looong time.  I knew how I wanted it to end but there were a lot of little scenes that didn't totally fit together and I didn't know how many characters to have in the climax.  I'm glad that it's all really in stone now though.  It's a huge weight lifted off my mind.

In other news, my Picarto.TV account has been revamped a teensy bit.  It's nothing major but I thought I should mention it.  I'm also working on making custom emotes but I'm not sure which character to use for the emotes.  Probably Hue since he's my default blueberry muffin preciousness. <3

Dec.08.15 at 12:00 am

I'm so excited now that it's December.  I really love this time of year, mostly for the snow and Christmas decorations, neither of which I really have in Southern California.  I can't wait to go back to Pennsylvania. =u=;

By the way, if you haven't check out my Patreon, please do so!  Previews of pages 724 through 729 are up for the Patreon folks and there's a brand new character coming up. :D

Nov.04.15 at 12:00 am

I have a quick announcement to make: current updates for TH are going to go on hiatus until December 1st, 2015.  I think I’ve only gone on hiatus 2 or 3 times in all the years I’ve been working on Trying Human so most of yins are aware this isn’t a regular thing.

November is a very hectic month for me this year.  I have two cons (Laughlin UFO Symposium and LosCon 2015) that I’ll be attending right in a row.  With my birthday on the 10th and Thanksgiving at the end of the month, I’m just not going to have the time to put into the new pages.  Otherwise everything will still go on as normal, such as working on the redos and other art.  Plus I really want the Volume 2 Kickstarter out in early 2016 and need the extra prep time.

Please tell all your TH friends what the plan is in case they miss this message.  I don’t want folks thinking I’m loafing through November.  Thank you for sticking with Trying Human until lovely December. =u=;

In the meantime, please check out some of the other awesome comics on Hiveworks (TH’s publisher): http://www.thehiveworks.com/

PS - LosCon 2015 may or may not happen depending on if I hear back about my panel.  I thought I was invited/approved for it but it seems like it may be floating in the ether undecided.

PPS - I will still be working on Trying Human: First Tries so don't forget to check for redo updates!

Oct.13.15 at 08:21 am

Oh my goooodness; I'm sorry this page took forever.  Thank you to everyone who came to my streams and watched the struggle.  <3  My stream image on the right side for Picarto.TV hasn't been updating so I'm probably going to start manually manipulating it until I can get around to fixing it.  As always I recommend making a Picarto account and following my stream.  That way you'll get a message every time I go live and you won't miss any streams. :D

PS - The image of Rose in her prom dress is a distinct shared memory between Hue and Roger (Chapter 14 - 445), but the glasses (Chapter 12 - 378) let him see through Hue's clever ruse.  Quazky can see it too, FYI. :3

Sep.22.15 at 12:00 am

Not a whole lot to say about the update.  There it is up there.  OKAY.

I've added some new milestones to my Patreon.  For $500 a month, I'm going to finish my other comic, Parka Patty, and continue doing my horror/mystery comics on the site.  You can read my other comics at introducingemy.com  For $700 I'm going to start doing 2 new pages of Trying Human a week.  If I don't reach that milestone after the second book comes out, I may just default to it because I'll have more time on my hands without Volume 2 prep work.  I've also added a new higher tier pledge for $50 a month since some folks were asking for it.  Let me know if there's something you'd like to see specifically as a Patreon reward.  I'm still feeling my way through it.

In other news, Grandma Emy recently got games on her phone; I knew you could but I just never got around to it.  I've really gotten into Ingress, a game where you walk around in your hometown (or wherever) and harness portals for your team.  If you see the name 'IntroducingEmy' attacking your portals around SoCal, that's me.  It's nice because I can listen to my true crime books on tape and stroll around playing a game.  It's a good way to get out the house and visit interesting locations.  I also got Pokemon Shuffle but I need more Facebook friends who play it.  Add me on Facebook if you want to shuffle together. :P

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