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Trying Human is a full color graphic novel that follows New York City secretary, Rose, as she learns she's being abducted by a group of aliens, the Greys, a race without emotions or sentiment. She catches the interest of Hue, an empathetic Grey, and his funny friend, Quazky, a Reptoid alien from a neighboring mothership. Using a device, the trying human circuit, the two friends infiltrate Rose's life and the human world.

A second storyline that begins every chapter, encompasses the lives of Phillis, Walter, and Dr. Glasner, all of whom are stationed at the Nellis Testing Range in 1947. Followed by a menagerie of aliens, the mysterious MAJESTIC12, and one defunct German scientist, the two women try to figure it all out with over half a century between them.


This story contains alien abductions/experimentation, depictions of Grey alien faces, animal death and mutilation, violence against women/children/aliens/pretty much everyone, blood, nudity, vulgar/offensive language, guns and gun violence, large scale corruption, sexual assault, drug and alcohol use, and just some pretty bad dudes. This story and its updates do not use page-by-page trigger warnings. Please proceed with caution. If you have questions or concerns about specific content before you begin reading, feel free to reach out to me at


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These books may add to your enjoyment and understanding of the lore within Trying Human.

  • Secret Life by Dr. David M. Jacobs
  • Missing Time by Budd Hopkins
  • Captured! by Kathleen Marden and Stanton Friedman





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My name is Emy Bitner and I live with my partner, two cats, a dog and a snake in Pennsylvania, USA. I love comic books and when I'm not drawing, I'm studying UFO's and alien abductions.


What's your update schedule?
Right now I'm updating with three pages a week, Tuesdays through Thursday. Patreon folks get the pages (plus a lot of other cool stuff) earlier. I'm working on redoing the fourth volume of TH for print! :D Please follow the Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter for updates on the books and upload schedule.

When did you start this comic?
I started publishing Trying Human online on June 1, 2008. I began writing and drawing concept art for it back in 2000/01.

Can my kids read this comic?
This comic is aimed for young adults as it contains a lot of rough stuff. Check the warnings above to get a better idea of the content.

I found a typo/ coding error/ other problem in the comic or on the website.
Feel free to email me at and let me know.

How do you make your comic?
I write the script and reread it a billion times until I think the dialogue sounds natural. Then I use a cheapo sketchbook and a pen to rough out all the pages. From there I digitally create the comic pages in Photoshop.

I miss the old pages! Bring them back!
Please check out Trying Human: First Tries to see the old pages in their original glory.

So why aliens and UFOs?
I'm not sure... I've always been really interested in the topic of alien abduction and UFOs. I belive it's a worthwhile topic to make great stories with.

Have you ever seen or read X-Files/Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Visitors of the Night/etc.?
Yes but nothing has been as inspirational for this story as the works of witnesses and abductees. I recommend the works of Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs, and Stanton Friedman as good starting points if you're interested in learning more about the topic.