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Redo Redo

So it’s finally happening! We’re moving back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Southern California. I’m really excited since it’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve lived in Pennsylvania. It’s where I grew up so it’ll be a familiar homecoming.

What does this mean for Trying Human? Not much except that there won’t be any updates between April 24 and May 15. The Trying Human Storenvy store [] will also be in vacation mode during that time. That means you can still make orders but they won’t be filled until the week of May 8th. There will be a banner displayed at the top of the store with the vacation mode begins. We also have to get a new post office box so please don’t send anything to the old California address.

After we get settled back in (and I get another car), I plan to make myself a fixture in the Steel City Con [] artist alley (formally known as the Pittsburgh Comicon). I did their artist alley and sketch charity event once before on one of my many excursions back and really enjoyed myself. I also like that they run it multiple times a year so anyone on the east coast has lots of chances to bump into me there! :D

Thanks for sticking with me and the comic during this time. 

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