Posted December 5, 2017 at 12:00 am

See the new tiers and support the comic on Patreon!

Since we’re almost upon the 10th year of Trying Human, I thought it was time to really reassess how this comic is going to continue to operate until the end and how I can continue to afford to operate it.

I’ve reshuffled some of the reward tiers with either slightly higher or lower prices.  I’ve also added a bunch of new rewards (NSFW art, monthly commissions, access to sketches etc.) so please take a look at those.  I did away the $3 tier since it was my least used but the rewards are still available.

I’m hoping that not only will this support TH but also add a variety to what I’m drawing since I know aliens, ufos, and high strangeness can get a little boring.  As always this comic is free to read with new pages every Tuesday on!  Thank you for your continued support!