I've just completed my redo on Chapter 4 Page 105 and that marks me at 81%! EXCITING <3 Follow the link to the right or use the archives to see the new page!
After one more redo we'll be at 80% and that'll be the coooolest~ <3
I watched so many gallbladder removals while I did this page. NEAT.
I'm at 75% for the first volume redos! I can taste that last fourth~ Check out Chapter 4 Page 92 to see the new and improved page. <3
Redid page 91 yesterday and almost totally forgot the 66th anniversary of the Roswell crash. ;u; I'm a terrible ufologist~ Anyway, update to the current plot will be going up later today! Click the button to the right to see the current page redo.
This isn't a real update but I did a new drawing for the 4th! It's also available as a print. Check it out here: http://tryinghuman.storenvy.com/products/1821085-print-4th-of-july
Aw Huuuue~ And before anyone asks, no, Greys can't cry. ;3 Also it was fun to draw Quazky for like 2 seconds. haha
I just redrew page 88 and that marks my 100th redraw for Volume 1! We're in the home stretch for the book to come out! <3
Sorry it took me awhile to get the next page. My gears have been moving slow since I got back from vacation. BUT GUESS WHAT-! The pins are in! Click the pic below to go to the purchase page. Be prepared to be DAZZLED.
So there's this song that inspired this whole scene of Rose losing her memory: http://youtu.be/P1LwGV_Jmog Bam.    There's a bunch of new original art in the store so please have a gander: http://tryinghuman.storenvy.com/collections/6438-original-artwork I'm going to be gone from May 1st to the 8th in Pennsylvania visiting family but Dave'll still be here to fill your orders.
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